Music for strings

Electric Violin & string orchestra

Electric Violin Concerto

15 min

What happens when the string orchestra meets the electric violin? When tradition meets technology? Electric Violin Concerto is a new 4-movement concerto for an Electric violin.

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Cello Quartet

Koral & Vocalise

7 min

Contemplative music for cello quartet. Performed by Claes Gunnarsson, Johan Stern, Petra Lundin & Jun Sasaki. Cover photo by Johan Stern. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio, Sweden 19.december 2018. Camera operation by Joar Hallgren & Micke Dahlvid. Score & Script by Jenny Nilsson. Video edit by Michael Dahlvid. Published at SheetMusicPlus.

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String Quartet / Orchestra


7 min

Lament was commissioned with support from Norwegian Composers Fund by Trondheim Soloists & The Junior Soloists and had its first performance in Siena, Italy october 2011. Later the composer rearranged the piece for string quartet. Buy both version online at Sheet Music Plus.

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Choir (SATB), Soprano soloist, String Ensemble + Organ

Mässa till ljus från mörker/Mass to Lightness from Darkness

25 min

Commissioned in 2013 for the 150 anniversary of Skallsjo Church in Floda, Sweden. Published by Sensus/Gehrmans Musikforlag.

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choir (SATB) & string orchestra + opt trumpets


6 min

Christmas piece based on old Norwegian christmans songs commissioned by Oslo Kammerorkester & Akademisk Korforening. Published by Musikk-Husets forlag Oslo.

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String Orchestra + organ

Nääs Bröllopsmusik / Wedding music

6 min

Wedding music for string orchestra (quartet) or organ inspired by the surroundings of Nääs Castle outside Gothenburg. Wedding March - Intermezzo - Wedding Waltz.

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String Orchestra

Nordic Folk Songs

9 min

3 Nordic folk songs arranged for string orchestra. Byssan lull (Nordic) - Ut i vaar hage/In our garden (Sweden) - Visur Vatsenda-Rosu (Iceland).

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String Orchestra

Pilgrim Crossing Borders

10 min

A Christmas piece commssioned by the Trondheim Soloists consisting of psalms for a pilgrim trip from Trondheim, Norway to Jerusalem passing Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy & Jerusalem..

solo viola + piano. guitar & string quartet


8 min

A piece for solo viola + piano. guitar & string quartet. Commissioned by viola player Jill Johansson. Premiere at the Music Academy in Gothenbrug in Sweden 2009.

solo violin


8 min

A solo violin piece, written for the composers final violin exam 1999.